Our mountains tell a story...


Can design project for and with children?

Educating to beauty and freedom by providing a child-friendly environment capable of making them respectful of their surroundings. Protect their critical spirit by arousing in them the desire to protect, preserve, imitate what they deem beautiful.

This is our big challenge.

"A world where design and pedagogy come together in a constructive dialogue"

MADOTI was born from the child and creative mind of a mother. Valentina graduated in 2015 in Product design and visual communication and in 2018 in Systemic Design at the Polytechnic of Turin. Her masterful training led her to design by placing man at the center of the project. Systemic Design does not limit itself to designing to solve a problem but takes into consideration the object not in its individuality but in the context in which it is inserted.

At the center of the project were children with their dire need for freedom and their thirst for discovery.

Each of our products is handmade by Cristiano, the artisan father. Even the

her formation is fundamental. Cristiano graduated from the Art Institute specializing in the woodworking sector. Numerous collaborations with local carpenters to learn the great artisan art that distinguishes the valleys of Monviso . His great passion for sport led him to the decision to undertake a totally different course of study and in 2019 he graduated in Sports Science . For years he works as a swimming and mountain bike instructor for children, but his artistic training prevails and he decides to devote himself to woodworking, but not leaving the job with the little ones. His training and professional path brings a fundamental contribution to the project. His experience with children and his psychomotor knowledge make him a special carpenter .

Our work team involves different knowledge and this allows us not to think as individuals but as a set of skills, managing to really respect the needs of our small customers.


It's possible educate to beauty and freedom?

In a harmonious environment, suitable for children, it manages to converge all the energies and attentions in what he does. He is thus able to show his personality by having a place where he can spontaneously develop his character. Our products are not designed to pass the time but we want to provide useful tools for the child to build their own interpretation of the world.


A child left free to move in the environment in which he lives is led to express himself. The child does not need to be stimulated but he needs stimuli that he will be able to interpret on his own.