We just don't like the verb "Stimulate".

We like to propose tools that the child will be able to interpret on their own.
And this does not mean that our products will magically entertain your child leaving you finally rest assured.
No game should be designed for this.
Our products require time and patience, n < span> on are born with the presumption of being the end, they are born to be means.
< div style = "text-align: center;"> The environment in which the child lives is a system made up of tools and stimuli but above all of relationships.
And it is the environment and the relationships that are part of it to support and promote the development and independence of our child.

Its extreme simplicity makes it unique, capable to enter your home silently.
Without colors, without "stimuli", only with its instinctive form and functionality.

But this it's another story, your children will tell it.