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We will tell you many stories, including the truth.

Here you will not find discounts but you can be sure that you will always find the right price.

Our prices are fair because we want to make sure you don't pay more than you need to for a quality product, but also that you pay enough to support the chain and our workers fairly, to use sustainable materials, and to build a business that can support itself.

That's why we firmly believe in transparency, from production to transportation and prices.

We are convinced that you have the right to know the production cost of our furniture in a transparent way. We openly reveal all the details, from the costs of materials to those of labor and transport. And finally, we offer you our products without the addition of the traditional retail premium.

The traditional retail chain increases the cost of production up to 5 times while we only increase it by 2 times.

We want to offer you a quality and design product without competing with traditional retail chains that increase prices up to 5 times.

We will always strive to respect these principles

Local production

We produce directly in our laboratory in Piedmont. This allows us to have total control of the process from design to shipping.


Our products are designed by Valentina, a pure graduate designer, specialized in design for kids and registered on the TDL (Toys designer list).

High quality materials

We personally choose the materials to offer you safe and low-impact products.


We work closely with pedagogists and educators to offer child-friendly products.

Designed to last

Local and small-scale production allows us to have control of the entire process ensuring high quality products. All furnishings are treated with water-based paint certified for toy safety to ensure durability over time.


Our "professional" service allows us to offer you personalized products covering a greater number of needs.